How is the filtering effect of meltblown cloth produced

August 2, 2023
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In order to make the meltblown cloth have the characteristics of filtering bacteria and particles, it is necessary to pass through the electrostatic electret, the meltblown cloth will carry hundreds to several thousand volts after corona charging, and due to the electrostatic repulse, resulting in the diffusion of fibers into a network of holes, the size between the fibers is much larger than the size of the dust, forming an open structure.


When the dust passes through the meltblown filter material, the electrostatic action can not only effectively attract the charged dust example, but also capture the polarized neutral particles with the electrostatic induction effect. Among them, the electrostatic potential of the material, the greater the density of the charge, the more the point charge, the stronger the electrostatic effect.


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