Electret treatment of melt-blown cloth

December 15, 2022
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The fiber diameter of melt-blown cloth is mostly between 1 ~ 4 microns. The unique microfiber structure makes it have good filterability. However, as the core material of masks, it is not ideal to achieve filtration solely by mechanical barrier, so electret treatment will be involved.


Although the melt-blown cloth has a microfiber structure, can be filtered through the interception, inertial collision, direct interception and other mechanical blocking effect, but mechanical blocking in the face of some small particles, such as particles less than 1μm in diameter, the filtering effect will have problems, not to mention viruses and other, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory purification effect. Increasing the gram weight of melt-blown cloth material can also improve the filtering effect, but it will also increase the filtration resistance, so it is not ideal. In this case, electret processing is needed to achieve satisfactory filtering effect.


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